My Trip To Space

One day I was at my house thinking what i should do…But then it came to me…I want to go to space.So i ran inside to talk my dad in to letting me go to the moon.He said i guess so, sense we don’t have anything to do today.So we went and bought a space ship downtown.As soon as we got the space ship we were of to the moon…It took a really long time to get to the moon.Once we got there we just looked and tried to find our planet.Whenever i found it i took a picture of it with my phone.And i noticed that whenever i was looking at it, it wasn’t light on each side of the Earth.So i knew it wasn’t a full moon it was a 1st quarter moon.Once i was done looking at Earth i told my dad that i was really hungry!!He said OK and fixed me some food.But i noticed that it didn’t look like the regular food i usually eat.I asked him what kind of food it was and he said it was space food.Once he was done heating it up i tried it and it tasted like a dead bird.When i was done eating that horrible food i went straight to sleep.When i woke up my back was aching.I woke my dad up and told him ”lets go explore the moon and get to know more about it”So he got up and we both were walking around the moon to see some things that we could bring with us back to Earth.We were looking around for about an hour or so.When we turned a corner we saw something that almost looked like was an we ran as fast as we could back to the space ship.When we got to the space ship we went as fast as we could back to Earth.Once we got home i told my dad that was really fun and i wanna go back again one day…He said me too..                                                    THE END

Making a bad decision



One day I was walking to school by myself. Whenever I was at the end of my street a guy that was about 32 years old asked me to throw a baseball at a person’s window for a prank. Of course I said no I’ll get in trouble. I told him I have to get to school so I won’t be late. Ok he said.


Whenever school was over I walked back home and the same person showed up on my street again. He said to me again that he wanted me to throw a baseball at a window again, and I said no. He said I’ll give you 50$ if you do it, and I said you can’t bribe me by giving me money. Then he said I’ll make it 100$ if you do it. Of course I said ok. Then he gave me a baseball and I through it at a window then he gave me 100$ and drove of as fast as possible. I picked up the money and ran to my house as fast as I could.


When I got home a police officer showed up at my house and said did you throw this baseball at a window down the street. I said yes, Because if I would have lied there would have been lots of consequences. He told me that I have to pay for the window. I said how much would it be. He said 100$. I gave him the money that the guy down the street gave me. And he said this is monopoly money.


I had to work for the money. I said to myself next time I’m going to choose the right decision.


”What would I do without my sight”

The thing I love about my life is that I have a great sense of sight. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it, because if I didn’t have sight I would not get to see the things that are important to me, and I wouldn’t get to play any sports or do anything else, but just lay in the bed and do nothing.

The most important sense I wouldn’t want to loose is sight because, well I’ve already told you why but the most Important reasons are that I don’t want to loose my sense of sight is because I wouldn’t get to drive when I get older and I wouldn’t get to make a lot of friends and I wouldn’t get to play video games or watch TV.

These are all the reasons I don’t want to loose my sense of sight so thank you for listening

remembering my uncle

Remembering my uncle


My eyes are in tears

As I walk to the field

Thinking why did this happen.


You lived for 98

Years and now your gone.


I say I just need to forget about it

And live my life to the



The next morning I was still

Thinking about him so I said to myself

I just need to remember about

Him for the rest of my life, and

Think about those days I did get

To see him.

world war 2 facts

Thousands and thousands of jewish children being sent away by Nazis,and being hidden by them.some of the Nazis risked their own lives to let the jewish children live day by day.The jews were also hidden in convents and orphanages,in haylofts and even underground passages.Some of the jews were well cared for while others were suffering from abuse.And all of the jews were robbed of their childhoods,because of the way they were treated by the Nazis.Then all of a sudden all of the jews were learning to lie to people,because of the Nazis.Most of the time they had to be silent or else they would be killed,which ment theey couldn’t laugh,cry,or speak loudly at the wrong time,because that would endanger their lives.

     Lets take for instance Howard Greenfield.She was wovan together of her experiences of about thirteen men and woman that created a portrait of the holocaust.He is a man that also tells meeningful,powerful,and compelling story’s that are about courage,selflessness,and about men’s non humanity to men.

     Holocaust is a short term for meaning destruction,devastion,and total consummation by fire.Sense back then the word holocaust refers specificalley to what is about one or two of the most darkest and scariest periods in history,and the days of terror during exactly one nation or state and its very powerful leader-Nazi Germany and also Adolf Hitlar tried by most possible means like to annihilate the jews in Europe and other countrys,try as hard as they can to succeeded in killing atleast six million of them.

the christmas I’ll never forget

I was so happy when it was Christmas this year,cause I got an I pod touch.I was asking my parents that I wanted one for about a year.

I  made my sister put it on her charger so it would charge up.Then we left to go to my grandmas.When we got over there she gave me lots of shirts.After about 1 hour we went to my memes house.She only had 1 present for me,but it was really big so I was still happy.When I opened It,It was an xbox 360.I was so excited.

When it finally got dark we went home.When I got home I told my parents thank you for this Christmas ill never forget it.